Thought Seeds of Operational Excellence sown @SRM University, Chennai

A journey of thousand miles starts with an all important first step. Last week, I was in SRM, an university of its own class, to give operational excellence insights to young engineers as first towards continual improvement journey.

First, I thank the SRM management for playing a great host and its commendable focus on increasing the industry interface to create better engineers.   It will be an understatement to say that benefits of operational excellence will be in a different order of magnitude, if we start inculcating continual improvement and its direct bearing on financial aspects of business to engineers at a very young age. After all, it is plain common sense.  My session agenda was to create a spark of how the “Voice of Customers” plays a key role to business ideas/projects.  As always, students were very forthcoming and surprisingly interested in financial concepts such as difference between gross profit and net profit,  cash conversion cycle and its importance to working capital needs of the business and the cost of capital. Actually I have decided that I am going to use every opportunity to interact with young engineers to overhaul my less used brain. Next week, I going to another noted university, VIT, to contribute my little to unlock the potential talents for the next wave of continual improvement journey!

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