Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) is a bridge concept connecting both the physical and digital networks resulting in an economic opportunity of trillion dollar per year savings. IoT offers infinite opportunities for a connected experience in various ecosystems such as smart homes and cars.

Up till now, most of the industrial data moved in defined physical path and little or no effort was put forth to convert the data into an information on which some objective decision can be taken. With IoT the patterned rules for information are undergoing a change with the physical environment transforming into a type of information set. The industrial sensors and actuators implanted in physical items such as X-ray machines, oil rigs and automobiles are connected through wired and wireless networks to cloud based data centers. When physical objects start communicating real time, they become tools for insightful analysis and fruitful action plans.

Digitization is the primary goal of Industry 4.0. It will transform the industry’s ability to capture key business voices such as voice of customer and voice of processes from every day activities. The resulting ability to provide customer centric experiences will increase loyalty across the entire value chain achieving high levels of operational efficiency.

PQLS IoT Practice: Digitization presents a massive potential to transform every aspects of our lives and the way we conduct our business operations. PQLS firmly believe that much of the so-called hype created around benefits of IoT is an under rated statement considering the true economic value potential of this path breaking concept. PQLS offers connected solutions and services across sectors such as medical equipment supplier, automobile, pharmaceutical, engineering and textiles.